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We are excited for you to join us weekly for our 2nd Quarter bible study on Apostle Jamie Pleasant's book, Today's Apostles 2nd Edition Book

Have you ever wondered if Apostles still exist in today’s church? Are the twelve that walked with Christ Jesus during His earthly ministry the only Apostles in the Bible? When it comes to Paul, how did he become an Apostle? What are the requirements for one to become an Apostle? Is there a ranking order of authority in the church? If so, what is the ranking authority of an Apostle? If you want answers to these questions, then join us for our 2nd Quarter Bible Study. Get ready to find out if Apostles exist in today’s dynamic, awesome, and powerful church.

For those who don't already have a book, please join us at service this Sunday, March 31 for Apostle's Book Signing. If you are unable to attend the book signing, you can purchase a copy on Amazon here: Purchase Book.

To discover more about this study, how to join our weekly study and access lessons, visit our Auxano University course website here:

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